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Relocations Programe >> Moving to India >> Custom Procedures
Required Documents
  Passport for all family members.
  Visa (to reside in India for at least one year).
  Inventory, valued in English (indicating date purchased) and itemized (brand, model and serial number of all major appliances must be noted and in English).
  Indian Customs Declaration Form (to be signed in presence of Customs Officer).
  Diplomatic shipments require Duty Exemption Certificates from the government of India.
  Insurance policy.
Customs Regulations
  Shipper must be present in India at the Time of Customs Clearance in Order to Sign a Declaration of comments and entry is made in Passport.
  Used household goods and personal effects are duty-free for foreign nationals and Indians transferring residence to India provided:
  The goods have been owned and used for a minimum of one year prior to importation.
  Indian Citizens have resided outside the country for two years and intend on staying in India for a year.
  Foreign nationals produce a visa valid for one year and get FRRO done.
  All shipments 100% inspected.

Sea shipments must be shipped within 30 days of SHIPPERS arrival and air shipments within 15 days of shippers a arrival.


Dutiable / Restricted Items
  Large quantities of cosmetics, toiletries, food, etc.
  Tobacco and alcohol products (alcoholic products attract duties over 200%).
  Electronic equipment and appliances (only one of each is allowed) . One Lap top and PC is allowed.
  New items and consumables.
  Professional equipment may be imported duty-free with evidence/certificates proving qualifications of profession to Customs.
  Manufacturers cartons should not be used for shipping; it is recommended that goods be re-packed and tags and brochures (for new items) not be put in the cartons.
  Gold or silver in any form other than ornaments.
Prohibited Items
  Weapons, firearms and ammunition (unless licensed in advance)
  Live plants
  Pornographic material
  Politically sensitive literature
Duty and Tax Rate
  All used Household Goods (more than 1 year old) are duty-free.
  All new articles, whether furniture, crockery, etc., are charged a duty of at least 40.8%.
  The following items are dutiable at 15% (new or used).
Prohibited Items
  TV -Air Conditioner
  VCR -Refrigerator
  Washing Machine -Deep Freezer
  LPG cooking Range -Microwave Oven
  Dishwasher -Video Camera
  Music System -Word Processor
  FAX Machinez

If the total value of the above items exceeds RS 500,000,(approximately $12000) or items that exceed the one- piece limit will attract a duty of approximately 40.8%.