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House Keeping

We all need a good environment to work and it helps us to give our best at the work place.


Housekeeping Services division is responsible for the upkeep of offices, hospitals, pubs, lobbies, corridors, restrooms, classrooms, library, offices, lounges, elevators, conference rooms, and vestibules.


Services rendered include daily cleaning and vacuuming of premises, trash removal, floor care, restroom cleaning, and interior glass cleaning.


We sponsor Good House Keeping Services, thus services we provide are executed by and well trained housekeeping personnel and with the best equipment.


Services include:

Daily cleaning of offices and trash removal.

Cleaning of Restrooms, classrooms and public areas (hallways, lobbies, and entry ways).

Floor care such as buffing or refinishing is performed as needed

Pantry Management at offices & factories


Window cleaning, wall washing and graffiti removal


We offer a one stop solution to all your housekeeping needs. Our trained manpower continued with sophisticated equipment consistently deliver way ahead of our clients expectation in terms of quality upkeep.