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Packing Services in India

Packing in India is very simple yet very complicated. There are plenty of flight by night operators who does not mind in giving you ridiculously low rates and some how manage to procure your job. Then leave it to the God Almighty, if things reach safe they are the greatest packers on the planet and theirs is the best technology. If The services are bad and wanted (which are of course are non existing) you will be told that cheap and best never comes together. and North and South never meets. You should not be surprised if they pick up the phone and say "There is no one in the office" or the person who dealt left.


But What You Do As A Customers,

  • Never check the credentials/ references as no one will show the bad remarks.

  • Never go by the promises, which are done verbally.

  • Always ask and see the quality of packing material and resources available with the mover, which is the primary requirement of a move.

  • Try to reduce the prices by 25 to 30%. If the mover agrees never use them.

  • Go to the facilities of the moving company and check them yourself, do they exists or not as most of the moving companies do not even have proper office to sit leave aside computers, faxes, packing material stock, agreement with insurance company to insure your goods.

  • Check what is their main business as in India any one and everyone is worldwide , professional, has offices all over the country, some even claims allover the world. In reality they are engaged in some other related activities but also does packing and moving since this is highly unorganized Industry where customers comes from all walks of life and thinks that there is no specialty in moving the houses till they loose.

Therefore, cost of learning about the characteristics of a packer is very high in India. By the time, you learn you have lost most of your household belongings.


Moving Services In India

Movement can be divided into two categories one domestic movement for HHG and cars and Other Is International.


Domestic Movement

India Relocations believes in moving goods by container vehicle, which minimizes damage by rain and difficult climate conditions and increase the safety as these can be locked and sealed.

India Relocations will never adjust or transship your priced profession, which normally a cheap packer will do. Customer will not know until he finds that some of his things are missing and in place some one else goods has come.

India Relocations will always move your cars by the trucks or the car carrier and will never drive down the car which is common phenomena with cheap packers as it allows them to mint money and not earn it.


International Movement

India Relocations always believes in getting the custom inspection done and stuffing the container at the origin and do not take the goods to the nearest port for stuffing. Packing meant for international movement cannot take the pressure of poor Indian road conditions.