Safety Tips

A checklist of do's and don'ts for anybody going abroad :

Before departure  

  • Check the health, economic and political situations in the country of destination as well as in the countries where you will transit.
  • Take the addresses and phone numbers of your country's Embassies and Consulates in your destination and in the countries where you will only transit.
  • Note your passport and credit card numbers and keep them in a safe place.
  • Inform your relatives and secretary of your travel itinerary, flight details, hotel coordinates, etc. to make sure colleagues/relatives know where you are at all times.
  • Keep all your travel documents (passport, visa, airline tickets, etc.) in a safe place.
  • If you carry medicines, make sure you take the related boxes and prescriptions with you.
  • Do not take any publications or videotapes that may offend the locals.

During the stay

  • Keep a low profile: avoid wearing expensive jewellery or luxury items.
  • Always have the local emergency telephone numbers with you (police, ambulance, etc.) and enough coins to call from a public phone.
  • Avoid carrying large amount of currency; use travellers checks and credit cards and small denominations.
  • In any case, do not keep all your payment means in the same place in your wallet or purse.
  • Try not to mention your company name, function or nationality when strangers can hear you.
  • Keep away from unattended packages or luggage.
  • Prefer calling up a cab from an official company instead of stopping one in the street.
  • Check the identity of any person knocking on your door or put the security chain on if you have to open the door.
  • When driving or walking, make sure nobody is following you.

Travel & Accommodation


Travel Management

We can assist in picking up right kind of travel agency (In India the normal practice to hire a car with driver) right hotels when you travel.  Travel guidance for your children and other family members.  Booking of Hotels, organizing parties.

Home Search


  • This is divided into two sections one is getting the house and secondly to maintaining which is ongoing process.


  • Organising Property
  • Understanding the need of the house
  • Understanding the taste, nature and requirement of the family (an expert does an informal chat to understand all these)
  • Full information about the property is provided. We not only talk about the goods points about the property abut also the shortcomings i.e. water, power availability, whether exclusive or sharing.  Whether Sun light comes if so from which direction, full details of surroundings, availability of servants etc in that particular area.  Nature of the neighbour and the landlord (Unlike western countries this is a very important aspect of good living in India).  In short, we will never unnecessarily push a property and we shall leave decision to you
  • Preparing of lease deeds, money transactions, and possession, organizing painting. Polishing etc, if asked for. Services of plumber. Electrician and helping in selecting right kind of electrical and other home appliances.
  • Complete Tenancy Management in terms of maintenance, rent control, electricity, telephone bills collection, payment. Attending services in emergency (it is quite common that suddenly you do not get water or power due to failures, here we will try to only expedite the restoration.
  • Organizing Gardner, servants, chauffer
  • Maintaining of Swimming pools, lawns, sport courts etc.

Cultural Orientation


  • We shall provide you all the necessary information’s about the city, people culture, Schools, Hospitals, Markets etc. We can even provide necessary services for joining the ex-patriot community.
  • We can provide necessary assistance in learning the local language or to provide you the servants etc who speak at least English if not your language
  • Provide full knowledge about the Markets and other related activities. Here we even provide a booklet, which gives fairly good idea about the city its system.
  • Organize and assist in getting membership of clubs etc.
  • Familiarization with restaurants, hotels and other places of interest. In Most of cities you can get food of your choice, whichever country you belong to except the beef and its products.

Emergency Services

  • It is not easy to find emergency services as quickly as you may use to. Once you contact us we can provide these services at the shortest notice. Medical facilities in this country are though are par but normally not available except to the influential. Since the accountability is not very high due to outdated legal system Right and timely action is normally may not be available.
  • Emergency services not only includes Hospital, Ambulance etc but also restoration of power, water supply, telephone connection, providing help and assistance if you are stranded due to car break down or some other some reason. This will also include coordination and expediting the work from Police authorities if the need be.

Necessary Services


Employing a servant, baby sitter, maids, chauffeurs, Gardener, security Guards etc are not the luxury like in many other countries, but the Expat community considers it as necessity. We shall get all the credentials checked and verified through Police or through other sources.