Look – See

India Relocations believes this is the foremost important while relocating. Your all decisions regarding settling in new city depends on correct and familiarization of the city you are going to make your home. Our coordinators will discuss with you and identify your taste, lifestyle, necessity and will provide tailor made programme. We give some of the points we consider while making program for you.

  • Where is your work place and work timings?
  • How many children you have and where they are going to sturdy
  • Whether the spouse is currently working and gains the work timings.
  • Your cultural and socializing taste and needs.
  • Your choice of proximity whether you need parks, apartments, houses, swimming pool etc. etc.
  • Your preference in terms of your driving time to your or spouse office.
  • The time required for your children to reach their schools or college, you get drivers easily but important is know how many hours you expect your child to be traveling.
  • Other people of your country origin.

Considering all above our counsellor will take you around and show you areas of city, markets, schools, office areas, leisure areas, health clubs, golf course, medical facilities. Our counsellor will also get you test ride to access driving time between certain places. Our counsellor will also familiarize you with Indian customs, systems, and etiquette. Do and Don’ts.